Jul 6, 2008

Request For Redefinition Of "Wife"

National commission for women want broad basing of wife in section 125 of CrPc, which provides for maintenance of wife, children and parents, who cannot maintain themselves.

National Commission for Women (NCW) cites many cases where man cheat women telling he is unmarried divorced or widowed. And went through the formalities required by the Hindu Marriage Act or custom governing him. When women latter found she mislead into marriage by false representation, she could not even claim maintenance.

NCW Chairperson- Girija Vyas, wants claim to withstand when women can give enough proof of long-term relationship. She wants children from such relationship can also claim from the father. NCW has also suggested that parents seeking maintenance from their sons or daughters should be able to file a case from where they is residing rather than where their son or daughter is residing.

Let live-in partners get alimony: NCW