Oct 29, 2008

Indian Security Is Very Strong For Simple Man!

A youth from Bihar was killed on Tuesday when he taken hostage of Bus conductor on pistol point. He was emotionally hurt with the recent development Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray has created.

Lots of underworld don live in Mumbai and they are doing good business there. After so many years of work they either caught or flee to other place. But in case of Rahul Raj, it is few hours only when he is being killed. Police can try to catch him. He was alone with a simple country made pistol.

Rahul Raj did diploma in radiology and in search of Job in Mumbai. If police has tried to capture him then it would not be a tough task. Earlier you may have listen how much time our police has taken for action against terrorist hiding into temple or any other structure. But here it has taken few hours only. If Rahul Raj was caught alive then he could be inquired about the situation why he has taken such a step.