Oct 8, 2008

Terrorism in Tech. World

In one of the biggest terror net busting in India many of the culprits found to be working in big Information Technology organizations.
Mohammed Mansoor Asgar Peerbhoy (31) alias Mannu, a resident of Pune, was employed with Yahoo as a principal software engineer. Others are Mubin Shaikh (24), a senior technical advisor in an information technology company, and Asif Bashir Shaikh alias Mehmood (22), a mechanical engineer.

Techies are targeted by terrorist organizations or terrorist organizations are funding the people go into this field. If they are funding and these people are reaching at these high profile jobs then I would like to know how these are happening? If you fund some work then you need to check correctly they are wasting your money or working as per your plan. These people are reaching at Yahoo and earning 19 lakh a year.

Or, terrorist want to exclude these brainy people from India high society so they can convince Muslim world that India do not take Muslim in high end jobs. I am telling this as this kind of problem can arise then lots of Muslims will be found in technology world and tech organizations will start to avoid these people due to security reasons. I know this will not happen and industry will just increase background check. It is good to know from Jt CP (crime) Rakesh Maria –
“Several Muslims have played a significant role in helping nab these people. They said they would not tolerate terrorism.”