May 15, 2010

Greed of BCCI and other Sports Governing Body in India

Any Indian and other countries who know the state of sports in India know the pathetic condition of sports in India. India barely manage to get Gold in Olympic and other major tournaments in any form of game. Still sport is highly neglected issue in India. May be because our politician know well that sports count negligibly when it comes to vote bank. They cannot increase vote on count of Sport condition. Our policies and promises (false!) moves around the illiterate or very poor voters in India. And it is true that those poor people deprived of even basic facilities cannot think of sport at International level or at any level. So, politicians and others who can control do not think of it much.

Very recently in Jun/Feb 2010, you may have listened, how our Hockey National players who were going to play hockey at World Cup 2010 was treated when they asked their due. They just asked their due and money and not money for free. So, what you can expect out of the team where they are going to give fight to top nations and players prepared in developed nations!

The same problem (money problem) is not here in cricket but the problem of negligence, greed and politics is here in the form of selection and schedule. After the last World Cup 2007 debacle. That time Dhoni was selected and selection was corrected as I felt. But that was not only for sprots but that was possibly for money. Cricket blows like a wind in India. Money comes like a free fall leaves in Autumn. So, at least for money and advertiser do not go away from cricket sponsorship right selection was done and that worked as well. The result is before you as First in Test ranking and 2nd in ODI from 5th place at that time.

Greed has shown in recent months in the form of IPL deals and too tight schedule. IPL board and BCCI has done deals where it was not clear who owns which team. Shilpa Shetty has said, "I wake to know that I do not own a team". Shilpa Shetty own Rajasthan Royals IPL team. Papers were not correct and there can be corruption in tax but only big parties was involved so that can be buried with time.

Recently in a weeks time, team need to prepare for T20 World Cup 2010. After one and half months play for Indian Premier League they need to perpare for T20 World Cup. Final played on April 25th 2010. T20 World cup first mathc played on Friday April 30th. All teams played warm up matches but Indian team cannot play any warm-up match due to the schedule problem. Warm-up matches started from April 27. West Indies pitch is bouncy and it is well know to all teams. And it is also well known that Indian players are week on bouncy pitch still no warm-up match planned there. This is all due to schedule which is not decided by players but only management. Due to security issue IPL was not played on time and shifted to the schedule you know. But World Cup is important and this must be respected. Because tournament like this is very important and it is every teams responsibility to make it a success. So, when a team do not try to perform well, how can one know that the best teams are playing there and those who ever will win is really a very good team. Indian players are not given chance to play well due to hectic schedule set by BCCI and IPL governing body. So, it is not the players but the management of IPL that need to be punished.

BCCI has decided to snatch captianship from captain Dhoni for his small remark that parties are responsible for the bad performance of player. So, must not have made IPL responsible for the performance but he said about parties after IPL play because he know that how much money IPL make for all. So, he just said in a low voice instead of telling in loud voice that IPL is responsible. But people are telling that parties cannot be responsible for the defeat. It is true it is not the parties but the greed who is responsible for such a defeat. Gary Kristen had warned about this previously but instead of listening to it, he has given gag order by the management.Times of India has posted a very pointed summary on 13th, May about India's T20 World Cup debacle. After lots of criticism, MS Dhoni is saved from BCCI axe for now but lets see who and when anyone become a scapegoat of BCCI.

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