Jul 6, 2010

1 USD in INR! How many ?

Do you know Google has a few very cool tools integrated in Search Engine itself? One such useful tool is Currency converter tool. Conversion for currency is available for any currency to any currency.
Enterin the form:
Amount From CurrencyCode in To CurrencyCode
Example of currency conversion:
1 USD in INR - convert American Dollar to Indian Rupees,
1 AUD in inr   - tells How many Indian rupees in a Australian Dollor,
1 NPR in inr   - How many Indian rupees in Nepalese Rupees.
2800 gbp in inr.
You can revert the currency code to see how many Nepalese Rupees comes in an Indian Rupees.

1 INR in pakistani rupees, Or
1 INR in pkr - How many Pakistani rupees equals to one Indian Rupees. Today it is
1 Indian rupee = 1.83011451 Pakistan rupees.

So, getting the exchange rate is very easy with Google integrated currency converter!

Want to try few more? Try -
1 usd in gbp,
1 gbp in euro.
1 inr in sek . SEK is the currency code for Sweden.

Hope you have enjoyed the easy access to free online currency converter!