Jul 6, 2010

Get Current Local Time for any big Cities around the World (free online time converter)

Want to know the current local time of your city of choice? No need to visit anywhere. It is available right in your browser. It is an online tool available for free and you may be visiting there every day. Just type "time cityName" in Firefox search box and you will instantly get time of that city in fraction of second. I suppose you are using Google search engine as default search engine in Firefox. If Google is not the default search engine then you know Google.com is available 24*7. In Chrome browser, enter the above value just inside the Navigation box or where you enter URL/Web Address.

To know the time in India:
enter "time India" in search box. "Time India now" is also working.

To know the Time in USA, enter
time USA.
Unlike India, USA has many time zones. So you can enter the city name directly.
Time California,
Time in Alaska or Time Alaska.

Similarly, time Patna, time Bangalore etc is also working.

For GMT time, gmt can be used. So, I need to enter:
time gmt.