Aug 21, 2010

Pakistan in Peril

It is visible a long ago that I am not giving time to this blog. I want to write here as well but I could not give it enough time after working and doing blah blah stuff on my technical blog. Still sometime I got time to write and some issue forces me to write. This is one such issue.

Over time, I have no sympathy to corrupt peoples and those kinds of people who spread hatred and venom. These people will do everything and when you even complain and retaliate then they say that see they are doing the same. Pakistan definitely comes in the same bracket. Over the year, it is taken help from China just for fighting the false war with India. It takes lots of money from International community in name of elevating poverty but what it does is you all know - spreading terrorism all over the world .  Recent flood is said to be covering 20-25 % of Pakistan population. Think it is quarter of whole country and not just any state in a country.

World over, people are thinking that accepting by Pakistan that India is not the biggest threat to India and it is extremism that has spread all over Pakistan is the biggest threat to Pakistan is a good outcome. Many think that it is just a gimmick by Pakistan to overcome the current tide and earn larger overseas contribution. Whatever be the reason and outcome, I think India must not change it hard instance against Pakistan and try to strengthen itself.
Few paragraphs from the TOI story related to recent situation:

Mutual suspicion in the two countries is so deep that the website that is promoting the theory that India is responsible for the floods went a step further to allege that New Delhi would ratchet up tensions during the Commonwealth Games to punish Pakistan — as if Mother Nature hadn't done enough damage to the unfortunate country.

Amid this mistrust in the time of cholera, what was striking was the international community's reluctance to open its purse strings.

A casual look at Pakistan's ruling elite and their lifestyle is enough for donors — countries and individuals — to hold back their contributions.

US policy on Pakistan has long been guided by fear. Very early into his term, President Obama openly suggested that Washington had to pay off Pakistan to keep terrorists away from US shores.

Should New Delhi pursue a similar policy? Consider this. If India were to offer Pakistan $100 million in aid (more than what any other country has and an offer that would be harder to refuse than $5 million), it would still amount to less than five rupees per head. But why should India offer such a large sum when millions in India are starving? Well one way of looking at it is continued attrition through terrorism may be costing India more and an outright war to stop this could run into billions — so why not try a $100 million olive branch at a time when humanitarian concern also call for it? The catch though, as the US has found on this slippery slope, is that the beast may never be sated.

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