Sep 24, 2010

CWG (Commonwealth) Games in Delhi, 2010

I am voicing my concern about making India down. It rarely happens that two few people bring such an embarrassment to so many people. The level with which the game has been organized cannot be described. It is too much. We say that we are good in hosting. If you take only this point then this, much mismanagement cannot happen. Here it is 54 countries, who participate in CWG games. In the name of pride, those people who were part of management, Delhi govt and Union govt cannot be spared.

Viswanathan Anand is saying that I am interested to count medals India is going to win. Do not allow anyone to come and all medals will be won by India. This time this Commonwealth games has broken all records of corruptions in India. News came that even in Queen's baton relay; corruption has entered by asking Cabs to charge more, so that extra money can be shared.

Today, I tuned into Radio and listen that countries has started to send their contingent. It is very good news. However, I am not ready to forget everything that has happened with the commonwealth games 2010 (CWG). We should raise our voices once CWG games are over.