Oct 5, 2010

Pakistan's foreign party supremo's dialog

Musharraf has launched a political party (All Pakistan Muslim League) for Pakistan in Landon. He is working on the agenda to return his own country. So, he need to talk something.

He is talking about Kashmir, and Pakistan's image as a rouge state. He is appealing to world powerful country to help Pakistan fight with India.

India is a good soft target. Blame on our politicians or us, but it is a soft target. So, Musharraf has started from there. Indirectly he has shown that USA force in Afghanistan is good. So, USA should be happy to know this.

He has also said, every country has right to fight for his own interest. Even if a country is not doing anything wrong to your Pakistan, then also. Right! Mr Musharraf?

For creating acceptance to his words, he has accepted old world known truth that Pakistan has waged guerilla war against India. These words sound so sweet to you. He has accepted. But he has accepted only to raise some other issues that can help his return to his own nation.

About Kashmir, I also think India should not hesitate to talk and tell boldly to world that Kashmir is a part of India and will be forever. I am ready to fight or what ever is desired.

Musharraf indicated he had no regrets for the Kargil intrusion, that led to an armed conflict with India in 1999, and argued that each country had a right to promote its national interest. So, India should try to de-establish Pakistan as much as India can!

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