Dec 2, 2010

Nitish is working like a wikiLeaks founder

Can Nitish survive this kind of tough solution for those many behind corruption? Nitish is planning to bring 'Right to Service' Bill in Bihar. Corrupt people combined may throw out Nitish or hope they will find many loopholes in the rule. I want Nitish to stay there even if he can work slowly. Corruption is so wide and strong here that you cannot fight it out easily. You may have listened news how whistle blower killed etc. He is taking a big risk by implementing such kind of tough solution. There is already a law in place which allow state government in Bihar to confiscate property of accused during trail by court approval. This has been implemented in 2010 in Bihar. The new Bill 'Right to Service' will come into affect in April,2011 as per plan. This Bill will make the public servant accountable for time framed service to public failing which the officials concerned could be penalized.

Recently, you may be listening that how WikiLeaks founder is opening the lid from many secrets. His life is in danger as he has taken challenges from top notch bureaucrats and politicians across countries by disclosing the secrets related to corruption, social crime on war prisoners etc. Hope WikiLeaks founder and Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM) can survive all troubles.


Update (13-Dec-2010): Recently Nitish is decided to end the MLA fund. Each MLA receive 3 crores every year for development. But all generally goes under corruption. Again, how he can think of it? How he will get approval from his party MLA and others!