Jan 15, 2011

IIM - Ahmadabad Graduates are not getting Job!!!

A new story here about IIM-A. A graduate from the institute has not landed a job and started selling vegetables!

Here is a story of Kaushalendra, who has graduated from prestigious IIM-A. Ahmedabad's IIM, I think is the best even among IIMs. Still, after getting the degree, Kaushalendra thought to choose selling vegetables as his career. He desires to sell vegetables from Bihar to whole of India. He is selling vegetables under the brand name of "Samriddhi" (progress). He want to make a brand Bihar. So, Bihar branded vegetable he want to sell. Be ready to buy vegetables from Bihar even you are living in different state. He has said to market in India only, so only qualification to be a customers of his company is to be an Indian. :)

You may have also listened a news that one guy from Bihar started helping Rickshaw pullers and want to change lives of rickshaw puller. Ya, that was a different one and not the same person forced to switch job after unsuccess ;). That Bihari IIM-A graduate is helping rickshaw puller instead of wishing to sit at revolving chair and in AC cabin. His name is Irfan Alam. His business concept has changed the lives of 5,000,00 rickshaw puller in eight states as reported in ibnlive by Oct, 2010 article.

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