Feb 6, 2011

A Try to End the Ancient Indian Yoga Patent issues

Self styled Yoga guru are patenting yoga postures developed thousands of year ago. After patient, anyone who teach those posture need to pay for franchise. So, money without just for acquiring patent and not for any contribution made to Yoga.

Government of India has taken a marvelous initiative for stopping this patent practice for false branding and making money. Government has completed documenting 1,300 'asanas' which will soon be uploaded on the country's Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), making them public knowledge.

Around 250 of these 'asanas' have also been made into video clips with an expert performing them.

V.P. Gupta, who is compiling yoga for govt organization said, "All the 26 sequences claimed in Hot yoga by Bikram Choudhury is already in Indian Yoga books written thousands year ago.

The compilation of Indian Yoga will help any patent organization all over the world to check for the existing knowledge available on yoga. I hope this step will be a great help for common people as well. We can directly go at the site and start learning yoga. Important things to note that with yoga, we can also learn about the book where those yoga is mentioned. So, those who want to learn further or do research can use the reference provided with the yoga posture.

Yoga has become $225 billion market in the best.

Source: India pulls the plug on yoga as business