Jul 31, 2012

Sushil Kumar Shinde Promoted to Home Minister. Reason ?

Watching CNN-IBN on the cabinet rejig today when world's worst power crisis happen till date. I read why  Sushil Kumar Shinde made Home Minister when we are facing power crisis. Keshava Rao, a congressman replies -  He is the one who came from backward caste rose to this place. He was this and that and now he is home minister. The only point he has for Shinde candidature was that he is a dalit. Another guest available on the show made the point that he failed everywhere whatever post he has taken. Maharashtra CM, Power Minister and other, he has not done anything good at those places. Even congress made a point that he is even week politician at one point.

Congress has a habit of promoting his man based on loyalty to party. In the process, congress party does not think of Country. Loyal to country! No, this is not a required criteria either for the party. Made President (prathibha  Patil) just because of loyalty as you know. This was just an example. There are many such cases.