Aug 29, 2012

Dream Vacation: A Vacation to Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has many things to offer to its traveler. Excitement depends on person to person. Yet each kind of person can find many things to get the excitement they look in dream vacation. Melbourne has very crowded place (Chapel Street) to quite place too.

So, what you want to bring from your vacation? Nature's beauty, fun, adventure or something else! If you are not sure now then also no worry. Here you can get all of those types. You can choose whatever you want to spend your time and whatever you want to bring back from Melbourne.

  • Ballooning Over Yarra Valley  I would love to see the landscape of the city and feel the sky through it.

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  • Second on the list can be Melbourne Aquarium. It has many things to offer. I can sit along with Penguin, and play with Shark(WTF!). They maintain place at sub-zero for Penguin and they provide guide and short training for diving with Shark. I am feeling it is too adventurous. If I can be there then I will let them convince me why Sharks wont like my flesh before diving with Sharks. :)
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  • Visiting every other places where I can see specialty of Melbourne and its culture. I will walk here and there if I get time and photograph as much I can. My photography skills will come into use. Though I do not have big camera every professional photographers show, I can get decent photos from my camera. I shall visit Highpoint shopping Center and other places of interest. Even if I may not need to purchase, window shopping is also a shopping. :) Phillip Island Nature park is 90 mins from Melbourne but great to be there when you are Melbourne. 
  • Though I am not a great fan of Museum, there are different types of museum to visit. Sports museum, migration museum, scienceworks museum and others. Now you say it is worth visiting then! 
  • AAMI Park (Modern stadium) is also worth visiting. Check the upcoming events there.
  • Kids, young and old alike can enjoy with animal at Collingwood Children's Farm. People say animals are happily living there. It means animals are well taken care of. See images at Google to understand a little. People like this as outdoor activity. 
  • City Central Tram is free and run through the city. So, good to take a ride and enjoy the city. 
  • Royal Botanic Garden is one of the best managed garden as people say. So, I must be there.
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  • Cricket Ground in Melbourne, a place to visit for Cricket crazy Indian. For life long whenever India play there, my visit can bring smile and happiness on my face! It is very good cricket ground too. It is largest and oldest sporting venue in Australia.
I may have listen Melbourne word first in this Hindi song or marked from here!

As I said, there are many places of Interest one can visit, I may try to enjoy the above mentioned places first.  

If you feel it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW! then check the link for more info
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