Apr 20, 2013

Bihari: Lets Not Just Go With Party Lines

Hello Bihari Friends, Lets not just go with party line. Think for Bihar when deciding about your action in next election. Lets not forget the Nitish as well. Standing tall when Bihar has no name (instead defamed), working for its development, facing all those who has energy to malign Bihar image but not for its development, taking bribery and then also not working correctly and on time was part of Bihar day to day life for officials there. The time is for regional parties. On south, it is regional parties/ regional stalwarts who has bought some development to the region and not central leaders. I see on a Facebook post, BJP is clearly the winner but it may not be the case of Non-Facebook user. So, it may happen that your VOTE just work to divide 'good vote' and help LALOO win the election. So, please be careful. Keep voting choice open for Nitish till last day and then decide. Thanks!