Apr 20, 2013

Budget Tablet PC: Nexus 7 - a Quality Tablet by Google

Google's Nexus 7 is good quality budget tablet by Google in the market. It is not as cheap as many Indian Tablet nearly to Nexus 7 but it has many things which is why you want to go for it. It comes at Rs 16,000 (15,999) in India. Nexus 7 is all balanced when it comes to Processor speed, Screen resolution, battery backup, temperature on long use, RAM available, Weight and everything you want to look into your Tablet PC. It runs on Android Jelly Beans which is said to be best version for Tablet PC. Processor is 1.3 GHz and Screen resolution is 1280 * 800 IPS display.

Tough it does not have rear facing camera. But generally people use Tablet PC for reading, online browsing etc. It does not have any SIM cards. With Wi-Fi, it will work best.