Jul 20, 2013

Online Registration has made Life Difficult Online

Online Registration has made Life Difficult Online for net surfers. Every sites ask for registration and once you are ready to register they will ask you so many information and then bugging life starts. They will send you newsletters. You may receive suggestions using popup while reading an article somehow (not easy to find good articles!) you find there worth reading.

Once you are ready to install any android App then they will ask for all info. Now, some will say that they ask it and it is not that you need to agree. But tell me how to use Android OS then. Is there any App, which after installing you are sure they do not take your data!

Earlier it was just registration where you can give few info and done. But now it is all Facebook. Before this Facebook and Twitter but now most of them are asking for Facebook access for registration. So, it means you need to be ready to give not only those basic information that you used to give while registration but all daily info you share with friends. Does not it made our live unsure. Who has our info and who does not have.

Bank people contacts for so many reasons. Now, govt has asked to submit for form for TV channels. What channels you watch that need to be submitted. Huh! Just more paper work.

Earlier we need to give Ration Card and few other document for address proof and Id proof but now govt is not behind in this disturbance caused due to trends of accessing User related information. Now, you need to have Aadhar card, Ration Card, Voter card and so many thing. If you give one then they will ask another.

Do you agree that online bugging has increased in name of providing custom information?