Aug 11, 2013

Meet CEO Rashmi Sinha of SlideShare

Read about Rashmi Sinha of SlideShare. She founder Slideshare along with his husband and his elder brother. Slideshare is like YouTube for Presentation. Another tag attached to Rashmi Sinha is that she is one of the sexiest business women. :)

Rashmi Sinha is from Allahabad but settled in USA. She comes here in India nearly once in a year but her husband visit more here in India as her husband leads technology team.

One office of Slideshare is in San Francisco, USA and another is in Delhi. Technical work is done from Delhi office.

Rashmi prefer email than phone call. For very important reason she receives phone calls or if any near one contacts her. Slideshare CEO love drinking Tea. She loves hiking with her husband on weekend. She feels meditative doing this.