Aug 30, 2013

Today's Best Reads: "Influence of Islam and Sufism on Sikhism" and "Muhammad and Women"

Today's best reads are "Influence of Islam and Sufism on Sikhism" and "Muhammad and Women". 
Best part of both reads are that they discussed about Origin of two religions: Islam and Sikhism in short. I never read about Sikhism and its closeness to Islam. The mentioned article describe that in enough details. It also highlights about the time at which Sikhism developed here in the context of India. It gives enough context regarding India that you may want to read more about it from other sources.

Similarly, article "Muhammad and Women" gives details about how Women was regarded at the time before Mohammed in Middle East and how Mohammed placed women in rightful manner in society. It gives details about Mohammed life, his marriages, and support he received from his wife and daughters. 

Important note is that both articles posted on their respective religious websites. So, it can bring partiality. But it is good to read from source then just hearsay. After getting context, you can dig more about any subject. 

[Off-topic but important: You may find difficulty in reading both articles as text is very small. Take help of iReader.]