Oct 23, 2013

TV Commercial Rules - Are there any rules laid for TV commercials?

Few important rules I wish should be in Indian TV commercials. One is what to show, second is volume used in TV commercials, and third is total time it takes each day on our TV.

 Many times you may see some very dirty commercials in TV advertisement. It can be toilet cleaner commercials. Few advertisements to make an impact on your head shows very dirty part of toilets. Don't they know TV are seen on home and at different times. We eat at home, relax and do other different things and watch TV.

Few TV ad use very loud volume on their TV to attract our attention. There should be no volume change. Why there should be any volume change. We paid for TV and we pay for channels now. It is our time and we paid for the time to enjoy.

Many times you may have felt about how much time ad are showing on TV. If you watch 30 minutes TV serial then 15 minutes time you may be watching commercials. This is too much! Why we need to waste 50 percent of our time we get from our busy life?