Oct 19, 2013

Why We Need a Good Sleep?

Sleep is important and so this proverb is for us: 

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise".

We sleep to feel fresh. But what if we do not need to sleep. Why we need to sleep? Why not just continue  working. If we can increase working hour then we can achieve more!

Sleep is very important and possibly scientist has found the very important reason that is not easy to replace. It is not just for feeling fresh.

According to scientists, when we sleep, brain do cleaning job. It do the job just like dish washer. It flood the brain with fluid and clean the protein toxins and other waste.The same job if done while we are awake, will be too tough. It is like cleaning the house during house party.

Many scientists are sceptical of the theory though. They are saying that human mind is way more complex and it may not be that way in human. But scientist who has researched on the theory on mouse are confident that she can find the same theory working on human too and this discovery will led to invention of reducing sleeping hours. This invention will also led to medicine for mind related illness.