Dec 9, 2013

Why AAP should Join BJP in Delhi for Now?

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) should join BJP in Delhi for now. Many Supporters of Aam Aadmi Party would ask straight that why AAP should work with BJP. This party is so different that it cannot join any party.

Broom: party symbol of AAP

Straight to the Point: Why should AAP Join BJP ?

  • To Gain Experience in politics and show us their work.
  • To accept common people verdict which AAP claims to represent: BJP is lagging by just 2 seats and Congress is routed in Delhi. It means people's mandate is with BJP and AAP. Mandate is with Aam Aadmi Party as well, as in just one year AAP got so many seats. 
  • It is a social change and AAP party should accept it and support it. It should be ready to go with any - Congress, BJP or any other in the circumstances like this, where votes are very polarized toward certain party or parties. Currently votes are for AAP and BJP. In society, untouchability should not be practiced and in similar way AAP should not practice it and work toward change. 
  •  To Show Political Maturity: 
    • How they are going to tackle corruption: What Arvind Kejriwal is going to do when his own party member face any charge of corruption or complete mismanagement, etc. Common people may be dreaming of everything superb but practaclly it is not possible that whoever Arvind would select will be supper good. So, we need proof of his handling of state affair. 
    • What innovation he is going to apply in policy making? He know well why people selected him. This is the main reason educated people given votes to him. People voted him to bring fresh air to politics. People want to change the system and AAP supremo also claim to do this. Therefore, when he will be in power then we will see what actually he delivers. 
    • How he is going to handle POWER. Ya, once in power for sometime how he is going to handle everything and how he makes others party members follow him. 
    • Management of AAP party: Management of his own party will be tremendeous task and he cannot deny that. Once in power, how is arrange everything so that everyone is in control. He need to get a kind of Board Members to check everything. He cannot do everything a party need to do. So, how he is going to manage everything? How he arranges people? How he identify people to represent common man? We remember, JP movement could not deliver due to many of the above reasons.
It all can gives People of India  a chance to understand - What AAP is and Why should people vote for Aam Aadmi Party in Lok Sabha Election 2014?