Apr 18, 2014

Why BJP or Why Modi?

I received an email in support of BJP and Modi. Here are the content:

Vajpayeeji extended Integrated Child Development Services 2 all 5652 blocks of India. Employed 1 million Anganwadi workers World's largest in size! #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi #TrustBJP because just in 6 years it showed a better India than an India under 50 years of congress misrule.

In 2003, just in 12 months, India's forex reserves grew by the same amount that it took the first 50 years to accumulate, $32.5bn !

1998 – 2002, NDA added 2700000 jobs in Small scale industry alone.That’s more than what Congress added across ALL industries in 7 yrs!

Sher Shah Suri died in 1545. It took an Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 454 years later, to start India’s next big road construction project. #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

Number of Engineering seats in India increased from 1,34,298 to 3,56,268 during Vajpayee's one term. A phenomenal 165% increase! #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

Vajpayee Ji and Advani Ji enhanced the prestige of India internationally through a definite foreign policy. #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

UPA after 2 terms failed to create one state Telangana, on the other Vajpayee's NDA done with 3 new states. #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

Confronted & defeated world ban after N-Bomb blasts, through vibrant India bonds. Jhukti hai duniya, jhukane wala chahiye! #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

32 terrorist orgs like LeT, JeM, HM, ULFA, SIMI banned by NDA #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

Just the Golden Quadrilateral that Vajpayee govt built would save Rs.8000 crore of fuel consumption in India, EACH year. #IsLiyeBJP #IsLiyeModi

19, Despite sanctions by so called Developed countries after Pokhran-II,Atalji's govt managed constant rates for the basic commodities. #IsLiyeBJP

Why Modi ji


a) Jyotigram Yojana: Built 56000 Kms of high transition lines and 22000 Kms of low transition lines in just 1000 days

b) All villages in Gujarat have 24 hours 3 phase uninterrupted power supply at normal tariff. Gujarat is a power surplus state


a) Introduced GARIB KALYAN MELAS. Benefits worth 10000 Crores have been distributed to 75 lakh beneficiaries through 971 Garib Kalyan Melas.


a) Kanya Kelavani and Shala praveshotsav : Ensured 100% child enrollment in schools
b) School dropout rates dropped from 20.9 % in 2001 to 2% in 2012.


a) Rs 1700 Crore business handled by 2.5 lakh sakhi mandal that has 26 lakh members (Source: Mission Mangalam Yojana)
b) Crime against women is 0.7% as against 2% nationally


a) Evening Courts have helped resolve 8.5 lakh cases as on 2012
b) Lok Adalats have helped resolve 61.72 lakh cases till date at an average cost of only 35 paise per case
c) State crime rate is 11.8% compared to national average of 19.6%(as on 2012)


a) Improvement in Child Sex Ratio
b) ZERO COMMUNAL VIOLENCE in the last 12 years
c) Sharpest decline in malnutrition as per report provided by ministry of women and child welfare


a) Area under drip irrigation increased from 12000 hectares to 6 Lakh hectares in the last 10 years
b) The gross cultivable area grew from 108 lakh hectares to 140 lakh hectares in the last 10 years


a) In 10 years, Gujarat has constructed more than 6 lakhs water harvesting structures in comparison to just      40,000 structures built in 40 years
b) 75% of Gujarat populations have pipeline/tap connection (nationally, it is just 30%)
c) ONLY STATE in the country to interlink its rivers.

108 emergency Ambulance services

a) More than 40 lakh emergencies attended and saved more than 2.90 lakh lives.
b) 41,057 deliveries have been assisted.
c) It currently responds to between 2000-2200 emergencies on daily basis.
d) 99% of the calls received on 108 are attended in less than one ring which is better than global standards

The email received was from Swati Sharma of BJP.

You are welcome for the comment telling something is wrong or you do not agree etc.