Few Small IT Companies: Value and Growth Stocks

Jul 16, 2014

Here are few IT companies stocks. This can be taken for one or two quarters. One stock is very risky stock.

Mindteck India Ltd -

The Company serves medical device manufacturers, semiconductor companies, analytical/scientific powerhouses, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), public sector entities, telecom and other service companies.

CMP: Rs. 40.50
P/E - 5.38
Price to Sales - 0.29.
Return on Investment - 13.08.

ASM technologies -

IT company interest in infrastructure. The Company provides consulting services in business systems, engineering services, IT infrastructure services and technology solutions.

CMP: Rs. 137.00
P/E: 8.67,
Price to Sales: 0.36,
% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantit – 82.36%

Debt/Asset – 37.83 is a concern. Though return on investment is 11.82.
Revenue: Mar, 14 – 27.94, Dec, 13 - 27.61

Danlaw Technologies India Limited -

I talked about this. It is a very risky buy. Though price is at rock bottom already.

Danlaw Technologies India Limited (DTIL) is a engaged in providing technology services in the area of engineering services, Internet, developing software products, software services and security solutions for the clients.

% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity – 99.85

Promoters: 50.9%

Volume is very less in Danlaw so ignore this stock.

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