Aug 29, 2014

Investment Options: What Options We have for Investment?

What investment options we have to invest our money? Here I am including only properly regulated funds and not like chit funds and Ponzi schemes
  • Reality - Buy land, flats to sell
  • Equity - Buy companies stocks like TCS, Reliance Industries etc traded in Exchange (NSE and BSE)
  • Debt Fund - available through Exchange
  • Mutual Funds - Mutual funds from various investment banks etc
  • Gold and Silver - Buy gold directly from market and keep it
  • Commodity Trading - Trade in Commodity instead of companies stocks. Gold, silver, coriander, etc
  • Fixed Deposit - FD available from various banks,
  • Post Office Schemes - National Savings Certificates (NSC) and others
  • ETF - Exchange traded funds like Motilas Oswal Most ETF

Any other methods which qualify for this space?