Sep 8, 2014

Phillips Carbon Black: Value and Growth Stocks

Phillips Carbon Black produce carbon used in so many products you may find difficult to imagine. Check here to find its applications. Its main application is in Tyre industry. The rubber industry uses a total of 95% of carbon black production while the rest is consumed by plastics, paints and dry cells.

It sells power produced from plant to grid. It is far below its historic height. It is half of  2011 level now. Recently it has reached to near 52w high and it look like it will break it tomorrow. 

With recovery in economy, there is no doubt that it can gain its productivity in coming quarters. It is a petroleum product and crude price has went down considerably. This was pinching it hard. 

Debt is an issue which can be a problem if something happen to the company or to economy. 

PE = -10.5 (yes, it is minus. This quarter it came into profit.)
P/B = 0.70,
P/S = 0.62.