Nov 18, 2014

Ashok Alco-Chem: Value and Growth Stock

This company - Ashok Alco-Chem - is in Chemical business, manufacture products used in Ceramics products and trading of some chemicals. It is giving superb quarter from some time and earning huge money. I hope it continue to earn in that manner and even after its recent run up it is trailing at very low PE. So, invest here if you think it can maintain its earning and add when correction comes. Still there are huge upside left in it.

Here are few products, collected from there site which they manufacture and/or trade. It took some time to collect data as they are in so many things.

Ethyl Acetate - ester of Ethanol and Acetic Acid.
Ethyl Acetate is used in a variety of coating formulations such as epoxies, urethanes, cellulosics, acrylics and vinyls. Applications for these coatings are numerous including wood furniture and fixtures, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, auto refinishing, and maintenance and marine uses.

Glacial Acetic Acid - mainly used in the production of cellulose acetate mainly for photographic film and Polyvinyl Acetate for wood glue, as well as synthetic fibres and fabrics. Also used as acidity regulator in food.

Glacial Acetic Acid is used in paint, varnish, lacquer and related products.

Acetaldehyde -
Acetaldehyde is used in the production of perfumes, polyester resins, and basic dyes. Acetaldehyde is also used as a solvent in the rubber, tanning, and paper industries, as a fruit and fish preservative, as a flavoring agent, for hardening gelatin, as a denaturant for alcohol and in fuel compositions.

Ball Clay - A vital material in ceramics:
Sanitaryware - 30% ball clay.

Tableware -
Wall and floor tiles:
Refractory clays:
Construction ceramics:
Building materials such as bricks, clay pipes and roof tiles all contain ball clay.
Electrical Porcelain Insulators:

Non-ceramic applications:
These include the construction industry; horticulture, agriculture and amenity industries; used as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, fertilizers and insecticides.

Quartz -
Electronics-grade manufactured quartz is used in a large number of circuits for consumer electronics products such as computers, cell phones, televisions, radios, and electronic games, to name just a few. It is also used to make frequency control devices and electronic filters that remove defined electromagnetic frequencies. In industry, quartz is also used in a variety of electronic devices.

Feldspar -
Feldspar is used generally for three purposes:
Ceramic Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
Abrasive Manufacturing

Global Trading -
Bauxite - Used in Aluminium

About 85% of all the bauxite mined worldwide is used to produce alumina for refining into aluminum metal. Another 10% produces alumina which is used in chemical, abrasive, and refractory products. The remaining 5% of bauxite is used to make abrasives, refractory materials, and aluminum compounds.

Bentonite -
Bentonite Use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations:
Bentonite Use as grouting material:
Hence, this material is often employed in construction engineering ot make a porous medium water-tight.
Bentonite Use in drilling muds: - Such muds are prepared mainly for deep drilling, like oil-well drilling.
Bentonite Use as decolourizer: hey are used in the decolourization of animal and vegetable facts (like ground-nut, castor-oil and Vanaspati) and petroleum oil, lubricants, paraffins and other waxes.

.Kaolin -
suitable as a coating, functional filler, extender, ceramic raw material and pigment.

Paper, Plastics
In fact, the U.S. plastics and adhesives industries consume up to 125,000 tons of kaolin per year.
Agriculture: Kaolin is used as a carrier and diluent in fertilizers, pesticides and related products.
Rubber: paint.

The company also trade in few other things.

CMP: 62.00,
PE = 3.77,
PS = 0.10,
PB = 1.00.

Change in promoter holding: 4.98%.