Nov 18, 2014

Few Stocks from Financial Sector: Value and Growth Stocks

Here are few stocks from Financial and Banking Sector. Buy these and make huge gain in short period. You can be there for 1 year or more as well.

B. N. Rathi - 1st preference should be given to this. You can hold this for more than 1 year if you did not find anything wrong during holding period,
Arihant Capital - Momentum buy only. Stay for say 6 months. It is not that valuation is high but profit sustainability is the problem. I saw it vary much. So, just a momentum buy.

B. N. Rathi -
CMP: 28.00.
PE = 4.84,
PB = 0.71,
PS = 0.64.

RoE- 10.85%

Arihant Capital Market -

CMP: 26.00,

PE = 4.55,
PB = 0.70,
PS = 1.04.

RoE = 5.48%.

In more established company, you can choose "Capital First" and stay invested for few years and gain much from India turnaround story. IDFC is also a good buy for very long term. IDFC got banking licence and when it start bank next year then it can give huge gain near to that time and afterward. Market discount future so price rise has already started even after not so good result in this quarter.