Jan 7, 2015

NITI Aayog Vs Planning Commission

Recently Planning commission became NITI Aayog ( National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog.

NITI Aayog vs Planning Commission

ParameterNITI AayogPlanning Commission
Financial cloutTo be an advisory body, or a think-tank. The powers to allocate funds might be vested in the finance ministryEnjoyed the powers to allocate funds to ministries and state governments
Full-time membersThe number of full-time members could be fewer than Planning CommissionThe last Commission had eight full-time members
States' roleState governments are expected to play a more significant role than they did in the Planning CommissionStates' role was limited to the National Development Council and annual interaction during Plan meetings
Member secretaryTo be known at the CEO and to be appointed by the prime ministerSecretaries or member secretaries were appointment through the usual process
Part-time membersTo have a number of part-time members, depending on the need from time to timeFull Planning Commission had no provision for part-time members

Source: Business Standard