Mar 18, 2015

CORAL LABORATORIES LTD: Value and Growth Stocks

Coral Lab is in common medicine pharmaceutical formulations.

The Company’s product categories include antibiotics, and antibacterial for day to day severe infections; vitamin supplements for vitamin deficiencies; protein supplement in two flavors; iron supplements with factors like protein, carbohydrates and minerals; antacid, and antiulcer; antispasmodic for relief from infant colic, griping pain and flatulence; antidiabetic, antiprotozoal, anticold, cough suppressant; cardiac medicines; appetizer, nasal spray; mouthwash; eye drops; ear drops; injectables; muscle relaxants, and anti-allergic. The Company’s manufacturing facilities are located at Daman, Dehradun and Vasai.

It is on rise. Only things bad about it is that its product sale on credit has increased in recent years. Growth is there and profit is also on rise. With rising economy, demand of its product will increase as this is in common medicine segment. Export is rising and company has plan to work on export.

CMP: 253.00,

Debt free company.