Mar 19, 2015

Cupid Ltd: Value and Growth Stocks

Here is a company called Cupid Ltd is in medical field but a kind of FMCG as well. It produces Contraceptives and export to many countries. It work with government and other organization in the field of sexual health etc. It produces Man and Female condoms.

Cupid Ltd services are contract manufacturing and research and development. Its brand names are Green-Love, Big-Dom, Hi-life and Black Cobra, among others. It is involved in research related to HIV/AIDS prevention technology like female condoms and works with healthcare professionals, governments and organizations to support them in promoting sexual health and the importance of consistent condom use to prevent HIV and other STDs. The Company exports its products to Korea, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Nigeria, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and

It is a Nasik, Maharashtra based company.

Promoter group: 48.46%,
Pledged Shares: 29.59%,
Public: 51.54%.

- One contract for export ended in Oct, 2014.
- Oct 9, 2014 - Cupid Ltd has signed a 10 year Male Condom Supply Agreement with M/s. Safeware & Co. based in Florida, USA.

Raw Material used is Rubber. and it should stay in range only in near future.

CMP: Rs. 70.80.

Risk: It depends on Govt/NGO/Etc for mass selling of condoms. The company understand the risk. It faced the problem in 2013 and 2014 and trying to capture more export oriented market.
Pledged shares are another risk in price volatility.

Assuming that it can garner export order from govt/org as it did in 2014. Also, assuming condoms demand will rise only. Female condom production in July, 2013 (Approved) can boost sale.

Few percentage of portfolio can be invested here.
Expect minimum 30% to 50% return here in a year.