Mar 29, 2017

Recently few stocks mentioned on Facebook Group

Sintex Industries, Fiberweb (India), Edelweiss Capital, and V2 Retails. All these are doing good or waiting to do good.

Sintex Industries is mentioned at Rs 85 is above 105 now. Edelweiss is also 15-20% up. It and Sintex mentioned very recently.

Fiberweb (India) mentioned few months back but it is more than doubled. It is running from long and I was not very sure if it will run or wait for consolidation. Management is increasing capacity and products are doing good. Recently audit team came from USA for Wal-Mart order. All these updates are on Facebook. Now, stocks is not looking very sweet deal. But I may stay there.

V2 Retails I selected at the time of D-Mart IPO. V-Mart I blogged here is already up by more than 50%. V-Mart mentioned here was at very safe price that time.

Few more stocks were mentioned at Facebook group. But I won't give personal advice.

Updates about stock mentioned as blog post here are given on Facebook group.

I am not a registered stock adviser or analyst. All stocks mentioned here or at Facebook group are just a view and just discussion on social media.