May 5, 2017

Continue from last post about Optiemus Infracom

Govt started focusing on Mobile manufacturing in our country. Optiemus Infracom and Spice Mobility are two manufacturers from listed space.
Optiemus infracom will launch Blackberry mobile in June for Rs 40,000. It will initially targeted to enterprise customers. In July, 2017 it is going to launch Rs 20,000 mobile.

Nokia and blackberry both are going to invest Rs 200 cr in June.
ET article published on May 5, 2017 in image.

I have mentioned Optiemus Infracom at Rs 51.25. It has reached to Rs 75. Now, it has corrected and trading at Rs 56.

The upcoming mobile from Blackberry will be loaded with Android OS. It will have proprietry software from Blackberry.

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