Aug 24, 2017

Alcohol Stocks are trading at very low valuation. Check Pharma too.

Alcohol Stocks are trading at very cheap valuation. Value buyers can check the sector. Winter is coming and that make it seasonal choice of traders too. So, at that time it should be coming in news.

I have no particular choice currently from the sector. But you can check at Globus Spirit and GM Breweries.

I noticed the sector and timing 1 months ago but today it is up by 10% or more. That highlighted it to me. If you can wait and are ready to keep patience then you can looks at the sector. I am hoping that negativity is over for the sector and it should give good gain from here. If you have fresh money to invest then buy some Spirit stocks in few days and check Pharma stocks too.

Pharma Biz Reality

Do not buy Alcohol Stocks today. No need to buy at high price. It won't fly like rocket.