Aug 17, 2017

Sintex Industries - Again ready for us to get into it after demerger

Sintex Industries I recommended before demerger. Demerger was a happy event for those who bought and stayed.My reco and updates for this was on Facebook Group and Page.

After that Sintex Industries was also recommended but it was volatile. It has troubled me. It is volatile is one thing but it looks like good days are ahead.
2nd Fund entered here after demerger. This fund is Morgan Stanley. If you see it has not gained much after demerger. It has touched Rs 32-24 few times but went down. I think, we should take this as consolidation and buy it.
So, why not buy at this safe price!

Morgan Stanley buys 31.80 lakh shares of Sintex Industries

The current Sintex Industries is about Textiles AND Yarns Business. Plastic business is here.

Its Textile and Yarn business has all new machines which will give better quality output for long time from here.

CMP: Rs 34.