Aug 24, 2017

Worth Tracking Bharat Bijlee - Keep in your watchlist

Bharat Bijlee is worth keeping in your watchlist. Previous quarter result was very good. Today is the result date for June Quarter.

Established in 1946, its primary business segments are Transformers, Projects, Electric Motors, Elevator Systems and Drives & Automation.

It caters to a spectrum of industries and the builders of the nation’s infrastructure: power, refineries, steel, cement, railways, machinery, construction and textiles. It also undertakes turnkey projects (switchyards) and is well positioned to provide complete ‘concept to commissioning’ services.

CMP: Rs 1173.

Result is out for June Quarter, 2017:

Bought for trading perspective but good for investment too. That is why commenting about the result. Already corrected from high so not a risk of correction due to this result. One day jerk can be there. Gain is still possible within this quarter.

1) Not a good result. Not bad also. Sales increased but not profit due to "Cost of material consumed" . How do your read this situation?
2) Change in Inventories of finished goods worth Rs 715 Lakh also increased expenditure.
3) How much GST could have troubled it!