Sep 28, 2017

Customise fonts of Chrome Web Browser is made for high resolution display

High resolution display is good for graphics but sometime too high resolution makes seeing smaller font tough. That strain eyes. On high resolution display/monitor, you see most of the webpage do not take up the full width of the display. That is designed for low resolution display too. In that case, high resolution display shows very small fonts.

Use "chrome://settings/" in address bar and then look at "Customise Fonts". You can search on the page too. At top of the page, there is search box.

After clicking on "Customise Fonts", you will see two sliders. Use both. One is the minimum fonts that can work for you. and another is Standard fonts. Don't set both fonts of same size. "Font Size" should be larger than "Minimum Font size". Or both set same then page would not look good. Web designer design page based on font size too.

On this website, page structure was broken. I need to adjust a little. I set Page Zoom level to 110% and Minimum Font size = 12 and Standard Font = 24.

For Firefox 

Use "about:config" in address bar of browser.
It will show you this:
Click on "I accept the risk".
Search "px" in search at the top (below address bar).
Double click on "DevPixelsPerPx" and set your value. I have 1.2 currently.
You are all set for Firefox.