Oct 20, 2017

Bombay Burmah Trading corporation - a holding company

Bombay Burmah Trading corporation is a holding company which has given high return on 166% in a year. YTD return is 225%.

Reasons for the rise of price:

Bombay Burmah is a holding company which hold few excellent companies stocks. This company and its various subsidiaries holds 50% stake in Britannia. Britannia name should be familiar to you!
It also hold Bombay dyeing and unlisted GoAir. It hold other companies shares too.
Bombay Burmah is the ultimate holding company and its various subsidiaries held 50.7 per cent stake in Britannia as on quarter ended June. Given today’s market capitalisation of Britannia at ₹55,485 crore on the BSE, valuation of the stake stands at ₹27,742.5 crore, compared to Bombay Burmah’s market capitalisation of ₹11,498.76 crore, which is less than half. Hence, a further upside potential in the latter.
This article is just to introduce ourselves a company called Bombay Burmah Trading Corp.