Nov 13, 2017

Two types of famous special glasses for smartphone

Smartphone are equipped with two types of special glasses these days. First is very famous - Corning Gorilla Glass and another is Dragontrail glass.

These glasses are very hard glasses with high degree of transparency. Finishing is also far better than normal glasses. Because these are scratch resistent so thay don't get scratched so easily thus gives you finishing look for very longer duration.

While buying Smartphone, watch the detail on Display section. They mention there, if they are using special glass on screen.

Dragontrail is manufactured by a Japanese company called Asahi Glass company.
Corning company is USA company.

See the list of smartphones having Corning Gorilla Glass.

At various places, Corning Gorilla glasses has been regarded as better than Dragontrail glass. iPhone and other high end device uses Corning Gorilla Glass.

This topic of Corning Gorilla and Dragontrail is covered on Quora too.

Few don't mention about the glass type on website but knowing the type is important. Mi A1 does not have information about glass type on Flipkart but Corning company mention it. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Current is 5.

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