Nov 8, 2017

Xiaomi is getting attention like iPhone in India

Xiaomi is getting attention like iPhone in larger market of India. This Chinese product has done wonder here. Opposite of how we Indian sees Chinese products.
Previous quarter selling of mobile market is very impressive for Xiaomi.
Samsung 23% market share in India. Xiaomi was at 22%. This quarter, it may surpass Samsung in India.
Here in can't do Boycott china to save India. Indian has no alternatives here. Most mobiles are built there. Even laptops of major brand are manufactured there. Example: Dell. iPhone are also manufactured there. Both are non-China brand.

Few brands which sell itself as Indian are importing most of the important parts from there and assembling those here. Still something is better than nothing. That way even Xiaomi is built here in India. Many other brands also has manufacturing plant here in the same way mentioned above. Ex. HTC, OPPO, LG, and Micromax. These are manufactured by a subsidiary of Optiemus Infracom Ltd called Optiemus Electronics Ltd.
Govt has dolled out inventive for that. Tax rebate was one of them.

Moto G5s Plus vs Mi A1
Moto G5s Plus cost Rs 1000 more. Both are near to each other so the comparison everywhere.

Here iPhone 7 Plus is compared to M1 A1. iPhone 7 plus is listed at Rs 55,000. Still one point difference.

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus Comprehensive Camera Comparison

Mi A1 has dual pyrolytic graphite sheets which is very good at dissipating heat. I am searching, in which other mobile, it is used.