Jan 22, 2018

DCM Shriram Ltd - From agri to Chlor-Vinyl to UPVC

DCM Shriram Ltd is into many focus area of government and also into Chlor-Vinyl business which is in focus due to China.

About DCM Shriram Ltd:

DCM Shriram has manufacturing facilities of Fertiliser, Chloro Vinyl & Cement in Kota (Rajasthan) and of Chlor-Alkali in Bharuch (Gujrat). The company operates coal-based captive power, facilities - in Kota rated at 133 MW and in Bharuch at 115 MW (Gujrat). The Urea plant in Kota has a Production capacity of 379,000 TPA & Chlor- Alkali capacity of 4,50,000 TPA in both Kota & Bharuch.

DCM Shriram Sugar factories are located in Ajbapur, Rupapur, Hariawan and Loni in Uttar Pradesh, with a combined installed capacity of 33,000 TCD (tonnes crushed daily) and a power- generating capacity of 115 MW. The Hybrid seed operations- ‘Bioseed’ started in Hyderabad (India) and now have a global footprint with presence in Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Fenesta windows fabrication units are located in Bhiwadi, Hyderabad and Chennai. All its main line locations/products have ISO 9001 & 14001 (Quality & Environment Systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Standards) in its facilities.
DCM Shriram has produced very good result in previous quarter (Sept 2017) too.

Dec 2017 Quarter result has come too and it is very good.

PE = 12
D/E = 0.42

CMP: Rs 568

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