Mar 12, 2018

8th Theater Olympics - Prem Chand Rashtriya Rangshala, Patna, Bihar, India

8th Theater Olympics are being organized at many places in India this time. Artists from different countries and different locations in India has come to participate in this event. Prem Chand Rashtriya Rangshala, Patna in Bihar is one such place.

Today, I went to Patna location. There AALAV (The Calling) was played by Kashmiri people.

8th Theatre Olympics 2018 India is organised at many places in India. I went today at Patna location. Patna- 8th Theatre Olympics 2018 India.
Today's drama was presented by "Theatre of Kashmir", Srinagar. I could not understand much by seeing it as language was Kashmiri but later Director meet was also organised. There, I understood that due to fight in Kashmir, youth was getting killed and women are left in numbers. So, in drama there was more women then men.

Arshad Mushtaq (Director) has taken story from J M Synge’s Irish play Riders to the Sea.

In Director's meet:
One guy from public has questioned - Why is this drama has so many casts whereas original story has four casts and it is based on ship and a young boy who never returned. So, how you based this story on Kashmir. This story has nothing to do with Kashmir.
The director's reply was this - I has taken this story from there and it is our creative freedom.
(I think when story is not matching to what is shown and even place is also not matching and context is also very different than what is presented then why Director has used the story of any foreign writer and informed us that at start???
Kashmiri Director just wanted to misguide us. He used foreign writer give weightage to his story. We got impression that a foreign writer has said so).

Director also told us that our tax money is being used for creating story about Kashmir and there is no real story that we listen in media. Govt is eating based on that. He said that story that 40 terrorists has been killed etc comes out but why no Bihari labor has been killed etc. If killing and stone pelting happens then outside labourers will also get killed.

If that guy from public has not informed us that then I would have not known the real story is nothing to do with what is presented to us.
Also, killing of outsider also comes. Bihari and Orissa laborers were killed. But not every single person killed there will come here and we won't remember all.

Then one lady (a Muslim lady, which was looking like a planted one) asked to Director that in Kashmir, no one can raise story of Kashmiri. Is this the reason that you are afraid of telling the story in full emotion! She also said that in Kashmir, CRPF used to go into every home in 1990. She has said, I was there as social worker then.

( I took this question as being complementing to director's version that Kashmiri are denied of any right. )
Prem Chand Rangshala from outside: