Mar 30, 2018

Polls on #LokSabha2019

I have created two polls on #LokSabha2019. Both are doing good. One has done very good. Total 877 votes given on one poll.

1. First Poll:

Your Opinion! 
Mamata Banerjee's effort could weaken BJP's chance of winning #LokSabha2019 by which percentage?

Options are:
A) < 10%
B) less than 20%
C) less than 40%
D) Above 40%


2. Second Poll:

Here your Opinion Matters. #Poll
- - - - - - -
I may vote for #BJP in #LokSabha2019. Reason is :

Options are:
A) Modi is the only choice
B) BJP is the best at center
C) No good alternative
D) Won't vote for BJP/NDA

VOTE for two polls. Your opinion counts there.

One of these polls are coming on top because of high polls happened there.

You see time is telling that it is 23h old but still at top.