May 30, 2018

Time to re-look Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd

Bhansali Engineering Polymers mentioned around Rs 50 on Jun 8, 2017 here went till Rs 224 at 52weeks high. Currently sitting at around Rs 152.

Bhansali Engineering has very good expansion plan. Running at nearly full capacity and is a export substitute. It is clearly a time to re-look here to load again if you took exit earlier. At this price, you can load fresh also.

Check broader market timing if you like to check. Stock is trading at very attractive valuation at PE = 25 only. It produces quality products so effect won't be much of high Crude Oil but there should be some effect. So, crude oil is also something to check. This can reduce its margin. For March, 2018 qtr, it has given good result.

Get the idea of its customers here. Examples: