May 12, 2018

Zaira wasim of Movie: Dangal Fame is facing severe anxiety and depression. My story added.

Zaira Washim is facing severe anxiety and depression.

Here is full story of beautiful and talented actor Ziara Wasim's on Hindustan Times.

As Ziara Wasim mentioned on Instagram (ziarawasim_).

I see even after my enemy tried so hard to depress me and got success too but I never felt that strong problem of depression even when I had very painful days and time. It took many years of my life without detected. Even after detection they are able to do so.
I see possibly my mind and body was very strong to cope with that. She is possibly not that strong. Added possibly because I don't know her full story. My enemy has poison for many kinds of illness which act as a very slow poison. Stomach upset, piles, depression, strong allergy, typhoid or typhoid like infection, liver and kidney problem are very "common" kind of chemicals my enemy has. Yes, it is very common for them as they can easily use on you. They have people. You can understand what those paid pimps will be doing with others who do not know if this is possible And if this is happening with them. Creating accident is another solution they have! Mixing has happened at common public places as well - road side tea shops, normal restaurants and other places. Even if someone buy packaged water from nearby place then that guys could be purchased to mix in that.

I think she do not do Yoga. She has not mentioned this. Read her story in her own words. Instagram account is either deleted or she made it private ... Not accessible now.

I suggest do Yoga, Pranayama and Dhyan. In case of chemical attack, you may fail to do so as it is very very hard to fight chemical attack. You are forced to go through that problems. But whenever you are little better, do whatever portion of trio (Yoga, Dhyana, and pranayama) you can do. See Sun in the morning. Feel the air. Listen music.. ...

Anxiety and Depression are not normal. We are not made for it. Check your lifestyle and check if you are falling sick freqently! if you accept it as the part of human life then you cannot detect if that is wrong style of life or your enemy is causing this.

I see people has accepted this menace as part of human life and this makes detecting problem very very tough. It took me years to know the real problem my enemy was causing. I was also taken that as part of Software Engineers' life. I thought my body is weak and may not be able to face outside food, environment etc. Your enemy can be intelligent and they can have paid pimps. They are professionals. They know how to teach you so that you think on those line.
Precaution and knowlede is the best defense. Ignorance is not a bliss. If you don't know bad things in life then it is not that those things won't hit you.