Jun 1, 2018

Special Looking Quarterly Numbers

Garnet International has published March 2018 quarterly number. Many investors were bullish on it 1-2 quarters back. They were talking about quality of it. No comment on it. I have left it after initial checking.

This is Just for Info and 

Today, I noticed that it has gained a lot sometime back but corrected stronger. Also, special is Mar quarter result.

See the price gain of Garnet International from Dec 2017 to Jan 2018. In two months, it gained three times. Later corrected even prior to stable price. Indian stock market is very dangerous.
Good that I did not followed blindly to few better looking intelligent investors. They may have come out on time but I may have lost heavily. What a fast meltdown!

Mar 2018 quarter result is special as all went into expense. All went into Purchase of Stock in Trade. May be later, it can benefit. (Result on BSE - pdf)
Consolidated Result:

There are many insider trading in past few months. Mostly on acquisition side. If you know strong point of it then you can inform us.

It was just a blah blah on a stock. Not for thinking on investment.