Feb 5, 2019

Kindle Paperwhite 4th Edition has old wifi module. A Problem and its solution

It is very difficult to check if you cannot connect to Wifi when all other systems can connect to that Wifi Router. Kindle does not give you any specific problem which can help you solve the problem.

I had a tough time one time earlier. Recently, once again I was scratching my head when I cannot connect Kindle Paperwhite to Wifi Router (JioFi).

I was recalling what change I had made that time. That did not came but I got one thing which was not working for Kindle Reader. It was 802.11 Mode. It has setting such as B/G/N/B+G/G+N/B+G+N/. I recently made it N as this is the latest and most of your device can use this. So, why let router shuffle. But then Kindle was not able to connect to Wifi Router.So, I changed 802.11 Mode to B+G+N. Now, Kindle eReader can connect to Wifi.

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