Apr 7, 2019

Real but Hidden work of SIS India

We all know the work SIS India do! We see their men standing at gate of ATM or any corporate office and buildings.

But, here I am telling you work which I have personally experienced.

They place people as security guard which possibly give them half margin. This made them lots of money. PLUS this gave them access to many places too.

The real thing they do which is hidden from common public is WITCHCRAFT. Yes, what do you call when someone can send many different people to abuse you. Arrange people nearby to abuse you by confusing or by propaganda. They with BJP men or BJP men and SIS India take contract for this.

SIS India and BJP men take contract for slow poison. Yes, this is very serious but my life is already at risk and many organs are facing problems but in India until you die, everything is normal.

SIS India and BJP spread disease by infecting people. Typhoid is one example which they infected me multiple times. In a month, I was not even recovered but they give fresh infection.

Taking help from dead police of BIHAR is not easy. These guys with political connection can reach anywhere. Police is anyway not more than a dog for them. Bihar state or Karnataka. Bihar is surely better place for them.

Arranging accident is one more job they do very nicely. You rarely notice. If you are very good driver then they may miss target few times then you may know. They do everything nicely. Like they will encourage you drive fast. For example, they will send new people to honk every time from back of you. You may think you drive slow in this time.

It would be easier to do work for them if anyone known has hired them. This way they can contact your known people and try to keep in loop in name of this and that moral policing etc. This way they alienate you so that whatever they do don't come into anyone's notice. Even if you say either people don't believe or they used to threaten them softly. People see sideways. It is India which makes their job easier.

I know I am disclosing this at life's risk but anyone that is at risk from long. I left job because I am not in a position to do my job for which I took training. Software engineering.There are tough mental work involved.

HF Acid is one acid I came to know after many years of attack by them. They use it like Ganga jal. They use it anywhere. Careful. Please do not do witchcraft. But, it is very dangerous but slow so it gives more damage.

SIS India can get a seat near you in train. How? I do not know. 1-2 times,I can understand when I took ticket from agents. They send someone behind every time. you are never alone when these witches catches you. Many places are already set. Few places which are not set can be set in few minutes to few hours due to political connection or Police. Police is an extension of SIS India. Not all but mostly they manage. Do you now one police opposes other! It do not happen in Police. Did you ever heard that because govt is not allowing them doing duty so they resigned. Keeping mum is a favour they do if they are not involved. Then helping they peer is important at these places.

They make you sick by using slow poison in small doses. You will be forced to believe that your health is not good. You become weak. Many doctors are managed by them. Doctors will prescribe you vitamin etc. Now, it is in SIS India's hand what to do. If they think, you may go at other place and then again they may need to manage then they will go slow on you for some time. You know your body is a very good machine. It will keep recovering itself. So, when they stop poison then you start feeling good from one day itself. This will you starts believing that doctor has done their job. If you believe in baba etc then they will send you that too. Mostly lady at home are more used to this. They will send one saint at your home and start discussing about lady's son. He will say good about that lady's son. When they think it would be helpful that that Baba stick to your home then you will start feeling good soon after baba comes to you. Anyway, good talk and blessing make one feel better. Psychology effect. What they will do is reduce poison dose or stop. Very simple.

If you take water from outside then this is constant source of Poison for you. Very slow but steady. You won't notice. Till this time by abusing etc they made you weak mentally as well. You don't oppose so easily. If you do then one - two bottle will comes good then same. Even your tongue will adjust to that. Normal water will look unnecessarily sweet.

SIS India have various other kinds of poison. One is about sex. Sex is within us. Everyone of us take birth with it. They do not need to bring it to you. So, if they can put a room partner of their choice then? They can talk more about sex. and another is somehow then they put on chemical to increase sex desire. This disturb you a lot but initially you will feel powerful. Hot.
This way they can attach with a girl of their choice. They have choices. Don't worry.They can arrange whatever you wish. They are not very fast. They are professionals. IF they want to kill you, actually they do if you do not fall in line or still survive. Say, their target is you stop doing good then if you left your job and stayed at home due to health issues then they can leave you.
If you are not then you can be killed. AIDS is the solution. They have everything. SEX is a taboo. One side they will fix a girl for you and you are busy with that sweet poison and another side they will indirectly or some way connect with your friend and show them that you are with girl. Even they can show few people that you are with many girls. What will you do if that girls bring few more sweet girls with her as friends? Even if you are only talking then also that friend will be presented as you are having many girls. blah blah. Confusion in enough these days.

In my case, one family who adopted my dad never given respect to us. They never visited to us even if we visited them time to time. But when in a matter someone talked bad of us then they are forcing us to marriage. But, whatever be the reason, they talk to everyone as our family even we do not know they contacted. This help them most of the time to make other silent. They decide how to contact others. They by various means has blackmailed our parents. They have means so they do it silently. They send people to abuse Randi randi etc day and night. You know BJP these days. Recently, when news about dancer Sapna Choudhry joining Congress become public then BJP men started awarding her with this abuse then that lady come to public. That witch family yes that family not my family as they never believed us as part of them. They say, they will correct everything. We were listening to them from start. They can dictate our simple father very easily. They are perfect manipulator and abuser. They do it silently. Even when we never harmed them. Still, not a single time they visited us. My father must have parted ways but father thought differently. This yield this result. They want few bonded labourer without pay package. We have not got ancestor property. Father just came out when they have not given. Don't know if grand-father who adopted us died a natural death or got killed slowly as these people are poisonous. They never wanted them to adopt. When I was very small, both grandparents died.

One thing, I want to ask which rule allow anyone to send people to
1) Abuse by sending people,
2) Abuse by service provider indirectly. They will trouble you by your service provider. Due to police and local ward councillor if from same political party then it is very easy.
3) Slow poison you,
4) Threaten you by police and others. Make you submit to fate or just give up. Not to protest.
5) Abuse randi randi and using propaganda to abuse in another way.
6) Do you think they own law. They own actually. Once I got a change when they injected poison inside me while walking. Police has not given me cctv footage.
I do not have mean to contact advocate against police and political leaders who are in power. Simple advocate do not take your case. Here NAnd Kishore Yadav is the leader who visit Bimal prasad, T. P. Lane/ Gashiyari gali, Patna 800006. This NAnd Kishore is a big minister currently.
7) Once I got a chance to file case in consumer forum when my laptop with plan made it useless. I filed case but the case is given to those who are either their advocate or are forced. I have given to cheap advocate. Possibly they quoted smaller price so that I give to him. Amit (Only Amit) they write with small skin discolor on face at Patna District Consumer forum. With this they got easy way to accident me on the way as that advocate know when I am biking to him. 376/15 is the case number. The shop keeper accepted it in a email reply but the case is still pending at consumer forum. Consumer forum being a Quasi judicial org working like a common Khap panchyat. The case is hanging just for no reason. Ozha a president has done it. He retired even and it was very clear that they deliberately not closing the case. Once they tried me to believe that case is closed or actually closed. But, then I asked them to give me computerised ordersheet then they denied. They did it for long then one day in RTI they have given reply. Do not know what they did and how they managed. They tried to hint me or threaten me that file can go missing.

Judicial System is corrupt and it is not functioning as per law is known to me.

8) SIS India can inject poison while you walking. I am at home so I do not order water from outside. This made their task little tougher. I was visiting to tea shop nearby as time pass. Then they used to drop poison. I was having acid reflux now and them. Every time I was like this time I can catch them but never clearly. You know once you become weak then it is tough. Also,they are confident that nothing can happen to them so when I hold cup near chest then they can drop as I cannot see that place. Also, they use Hydrofluoric Acid which they drop on you head. This makes you depressed completely. If you are fighter then you can do mistake to fight but it is not easy as day by day you are becoming weaker. This makes heart rate irregular too. Pancreas becomes weak. This can make you diabetic.

I know these goons are very resourceful and can prove anything. So, writing in detail is not useful about why are they behind but I have touched it as they always when in trouble use family card. People do not know they are using what kind of torture. Even using a public transport system is not easy.  They send few people who will either misbehave you directly or abuse among themselves. But they know you are listening. If you really not understanding they will do something so that you know it is for you.

9) SIS India have chemical which can make your anus tight which can lead to piles. Here doctor can diagnose your piles. They do not need to manage doctor. Doctor will see you have bound etc then they will prescribe you. He cannot say how this has happened. This piles etc is good enough to take away your confidence.

10) SIS India kept me 3-4 years in allergic state. I do not know what chemical they used to use but I am more than sure. After leaving Bangalore, I am cured of this automatically. But they tried to teach me that it is within me. When I used to eat outside or take tea then used to mix it. But it became irregular than earlier in Bangalore. This made me more sure. Actually, I do not need to keep checking when I fully believed that they are mixing poison in my food but common people do not visit police and they do not believe. I never visited police once. I did visited Police to see if this can work. This has not worked. Bihar police is lessor than a dog to these politicians. In Bangalore, I was every day sneezing. Even my throat used to prick and eye was watery due to this. Many years has passed.

11) IF they know that this guy in my circle is a trouble for them. Either they are not listening to them or they can help then they target them too. Simplest is they make them believe that I am against them or I abuse them. For example, one bangali guy was a boss. I was almost leaving the company. So, at bus they started taking bad about Bangali. Now, I do not know him. Even if I understood by this time, this guy can be of my enemy then what options I have. Now, I do not for sure which Bangali they are talking about. When I go and try to check then no one respond. I was already depressed, allergic and many more problem. Typhoid was from Bangalore. But, they have set a pharmacy. Guided him to give me one 2 antibiotic.

For many days, I have dry eye but no doctor could correct it. They have given me dry eye drop. Due to all these I started having problem is knees. Doctors has said that this does not have solution. You need to do exerciese I am giving to you. Press your knee against pillow. But this was not helping. I do not know how this cured later. Eye problem started to reduce after I myself started taking Lemon. Or they though I had enough. But HF Acid they continued to adminster. Due to this I was not active much. I cannot plan much. Days were just passing. I became dormant almost. Just that I had worked hard for my career so I could somehow after very much of effort could complete my job with quality but I do not need to put this much time behind my job. I left everything in life.

12) Many companies they can handle. Indpro, Bangalore top management was surely involved. I think this can be due to visa they needed always. One so called family guy was in Custom and Excise. Top management was from Sweden. Company was small. Possibly they threatened them or something. At other places, they can handle partially. In very big company like HCL Tech, managing a corner is enough as you work in any department. If not directly then indirect way is always there. They will abuse you using phone. Then at reception counter, company employee will think if I inform my employee or not! Whatever number they get, they will use it. This much is enough to distance you from others. By this time, they are professionals, so they can track few concerned employee and reach them. Start propaganda. Worked with them then it is fine or else you are not going to know. Either threat would prevent or they will say that I won't believe him. Or they will say oh! you will discuss all these with him. He will feel bad..... No one came to me directly and said that I am with you.They are not allowed to do this whatsoever be the reason.

These people were killing me slowly when I come to realise there is something then they started talking about marriage. Due to them I could not enjoy any company. Money was the reason but that was not alone leaving the place. For that people can wait. But due to sour idea they made about me everywhere which I was completely unaware of for few years, I left many places. These people troubled me getting good jobs in Pune. One company has given me online test where after test, I got mark in front of me. Test score was very high and company was looking to hire me. But after few days, they said no your salary was only 3000 so take four thousand. Rs 3000 was stipend. This was the way to keep me on low salary. This "Family" guy ( no abuse is big for him actually. This kind of person is creator of all kinds of bad in society) tried to help me. I worked hard, day and night and they want to eat fruit that due to them I am in job. He was commissioner. You understand now! These govt people have built habit of eating for free perhaps. I am BCA and MCA from IGNOU. It is not that I went there just to travel. and due to them I got all. 5 years of specialised education is not small.

Remember, this SIS India possibly believes in killing 1000s cuts. This does not raise murder charge. Mostly enemy will do suicide. Or else he will be on almost bed rest.
Occasionally accident can help too. Various kind of accident they try. One is road and another I saw was gas accident also they do try.

This SIS India has sleeper cell in many big companies. This help them get information. They will trouble you very softly. Most of the time, they do not come fast to fast. This depend, if the sleeper cell is only worth common shoulder then they will send. You protest him or not will depend on your energy level they left in you. Even if you do then he will not come next time directly to you.
Looking magical? Yes, mostly victim will in denial state thinking no how come they can send so many people at various locations.
Remember, they are not standing just for a single person at various big organisations of medium hospitals. They are overall for many clients. They possibly take big clients and witches like my "family". Who was poisoning me from my childhood but only occasionally to keep me down.  My score was always poor. Only when I fully accepted that I do not need to accept Prasad (religious offering) just before exam and thrown it outside then I started getting mark which I relate to my strength or weakness. My confidence became very low due to failure. They used to fail me in math. You know how much mark is needed to pass a exam. Just 30%. I became very low on confidence due to this. I used to read again and again to memorise. This never helped me in better student. This does not help you anyway better in understanding. But when you do not pass a exam, you have no option. Throwing prasad was one step as that was God's offering. Humlog kahte hai Bhagwan ke naam pe kha lo. My parents are below their teaching as they are higher in money and education. My simple parents always listened to them and respected them. In return mostly they used to cut us indirectly. If objected after so long then one line is enough - bado se jawan ladata hai. My parents like - No reply.

Witches has taken my life. "Family" witches were not enough then this BJP and SIS India witches.

You know from start I voted for BJP. For 2014 election, I paid 250 plus joining fee to Modi. My luck is so bad. These people were time to time sending Muslims to show some Muslims are behind me. When they knew that I am fully aware that few are behind me then. When came back to Patna then they portray Lalu Yadav men in my mind. But now I know it is BJP men. They use local ward councillor as well.

These people can manage DM of Patna also. First they did all sort of things and did not allow me to meet and later after few days, I meet when he was walking so that I cannot say anything. He took my application which was anyway read by few staff and possibly passed on the info for reply. When I asked for receiving then they said oh Clerk is on leave. Then after few days, I thought this cannot be possible as DM may have other cleark. Whole office cannot sit because one clerk is on leave. After many attempts they utilised this time to inject one more poison done while waiting. Then, once they allowed but What DM has said - Oh! you have not died. I have passed your application to SSP. I said, no give back my application. I have written in small application which they ask to fil when you want to meet him. Then they allowed me to meet. Nothing has happened. He was Kumar Ravi, DM, Patna.
This happens in India. All are connected against commoner.

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