Apr 18, 2019

Pragya Singh Thakur Vs Kanhaiya Kumar - Who is better?

Pragya Singh Thakur was fielded against Digvijaya Singh. Both are against each other in Bophal, Madhya Pradesh.

Pragya Singh is accused in Malegaon Bomb blast in 2008. I do not know if she was involved in that blast or not. I cannot say anything as after Congress, BJP came to power in 2014 and from there things took U-turn. It is only investigative agency who can comment on her.

Kanhaiya Kumar was a JNU student leader and is fighting from Begusarai, Bihar. He was accused in the involvement of Anti-India sloganeering in JNU. Again, if he shouted or not with them, I cannot say for sure.

In both of the above cases, you as citizens of India or resident of social media must have formed some kind of opinion. You may not like to share openly on this controversial topic but Twitter Poll is anonymous. No one, including me, can know who voted what AND who participated in the Poll. So, vote your voice on Twitter. Let other know who is better.

This question arise and became more important as both were cases of Nationalism. BJP and whole brigade use Kanhaiya Kumar as Anti-National but Pragya Thakur as Nationalist. Now, this nationalist theory can be different in everyone's mind!

A burning Question - Who is more nationalist than other? Who is better for India?

Think as if You were given a situation where Sadhvi Pragya Singh and Kanhaiya Kumar both are fighting election and you have no choice but to vote of one. Whom will you vote for?

Kanhaiya Kumar

Pragya Singh