Apr 9, 2019

SIS India's hidden work and how they perform

Here are some of the ways SIS India and BJP perform in unison.

    How do SIS INDIA and BJP wolves leaders poison you?

  • 1. If you take water from outside then this is a target
  • 2. If you eat food outside then you are giving them chance. Mixing small dose in food is easy. To make you task easier, let me tell you how they progress further.
    They will make restaurant owner or worker cook spicy food for you. As they go very slow and want to kill you by thousands cuts so they will take change first. They may tell you (not directly but someone nearby ordering spicy food or asking waiter to cook better) to get spicy food here. They may entice you to pick spicy type from menu. This way, if you develop acidity then you may think cook has added higher than desired spice perhaps. Or Oil was not good. That acidity was due to small dose of poison.

  • 3. Now, once they get success then you are weaker now and this way your sixth sense are slower or dying. This makes their task easier. They can repeat above two tricks easily now than before.
    If you change restaurants then they do not necessarily try to mix poison there also. For mixing poison they do not always need to collude with cook or servers. They keep poison in palm and drop with press of a thumbs. It is easy for them as this does not happen always so people are blind to this. They do not fast. If this is not possible because waiter is not in line to them and their kitchen and your table is not well suited to this job then they will try to make you uncomfortable at this place.
    REMEMBER once they get hold of of you and started mixing poison then they do not like to discontinue poisoning. Continuity makes their task easier and victim's job tougher to understand cause of the health issue. To make you uncomfortable there, they can send few people who can misbehave with you. Now, restaurants owner is in a fix. Both are their customers. They won't jump into this so easily. You are already poisoned earlier so your fight response is not that strong. So, flight is better! so you are going to take this route.

  • 4. SIS India has stationed few people at every corner of city. They earn lots of margin from security guards. Now, if you do not know then you will be in doubt if really they are you enemies. Later even if you know then you are very weaker by now and your all friends and most of the families will go away from you. as this organisation work for malign you too. They have not stationed these many people just for you. They have multiple clients and reasons to stations people.
    Say, you are going to 5 KM away which they either predicted or known by spy nearby or by some little close one who just casually questioned you and you replied. Then they do not necessarily chase you. They send people from nearby location of you destination. This makes task easier and tough for people to guess. You will think how can they know and come very earlier than me. Now, these people came before you and acting as normal customer or movie goer. So, they can misbehave with you or abuse you. For abusing, they do not abuse you at your face if you know there are some people behind you who trouble you. You already pick it. IF not then they will let you know that they are for you. Now, you are thinking how come they come so early and abusing? Really they are known to your enemy! BUt you keep thinking and these people has done their job. They won't be visible you next time. Next time new people as they have many many people for this.
    Police do not catch this way. If you are very rich and affluent with resources then matter is different altogether. Then their try will be more fine tuned. Mostly these people are fresh with no record in police stations.

  • 5. SIS India men will try to give you foods with iron wire which comes from peeling. I am not using the right word here. The wire that comes from manufacturing unit which make nuts and bolts etc.
    This they will try to mix when you visit outstation. In rise they mixed. This can help you admit at hospital. If you once admitted at hospital then they can do the way you are entangled in health issues. You are going to blame doctor and hospital. Now, onward whatever happens to you, you are going to think that hospital has destroyed your vital organs.

    They have one peanuts shape stone. I never had such thing in life. But when i visited Darjeeling then they put it at one place. I have not noticed that it is a plan. If you used to gulp soft thing without chewing then there is a chance, this stone you gulp inside. This is just a chance they take.  They must be using many ways to take its target down. These are the one I am exposed personally.
This was based on personal experiences and written on this personal blog https://newsviews.satya-weblog.com/.

This is second part of SIS INDIA related post. First part is this REAL BUT HIDDEN WORK OF SIS INIDA

SIS India is not a spy agency or detective agency. It is a criminal agency hidden behind security service provider.

Just wanted to add this here:
People who preach based on religious context think themselves top most and of top quality. They think they can do justice and are allowed to do it. So, they do all sort of things with confidence. 

I don't mean those kinds of false witches that she was staring this or that way.  The witches I am talking are far far more dangerous than the magical witches you have listened. They may be false or real I do not know. It depends on religious belief. But, here witches can be proved by science.

Here are few sweet भगवा चुड़ैल but mine are not.

Enemy is killing me slowly by various means from many years. I am at home from few years. I did BCA and MCA from IGNOU. MCA I could not complete due to high intensity witchcraft. But later I went to do job where after a certain lull they started high intensity witchcraft again. If you like you can pay me. Now, from few years, I do not have energy to do job like Software engineers do. Also, everyone has some standard which they maintain and that person would like to do Above that.

More on this witchcraft episode next time

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